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June 5, 2014

Summertime Laziness

I am being a lax blogger lately- we are so excited for the beautiful summer weather and have been living outside or at the pool lately!  Here are a few videos of our recent pool happenings.  
I have a few posts up my sleeve that I'm excited to blog about- stay tuned! :)

*Note: If you press the play button the center of the video; it will "PLAY ALL" of my YouTube videos!  Press the play button at the bottom left corner of each clip, instead. :)

The three year old at swim lessons- we LOVE Houston Swim Club!  This was about a month ago; he's improved even more since then!!

Dax following these directions for coin a cannonball: "Run and jump in while holding your legs!"
Very literal :)

My girl killing it at swimming! :)

May 7, 2014

Geometric + Floral Master Bedroom Revamp

Ahhh!  I FINALLY finished our Master Bedroom.  It only took me a year and a half in the new house to get after it.

And I am SO GLAD I waited.  I knew I wasn't ready to tackle it until recently.  I still had all of these ideas swirling in my head, and other priorities on the budget allotment... oh, and adjusting to becoming a mom of three pretty much sucked a year of my life away.

But about a month ago a huge lightbulb went off, and there was no turning back.  
(Is that how you get when you're decorating?  Like CAN'T.STOP.WON'T.STOP.  I even got spray paint all over our patio and fence because I literally couldn't break out of my trance long enough to run in and grab some newspaper or something.  So that was cool.)

I wanted something masculine + feminine.  Strong + dainty.  Manly + girly.  Bold + romantic.
Catch my drift?  Basically one huge oxymoron.
I ended up with Geometric + Floral!

But enough chatter- here is the BIG REVEAL!!!!

Master Bedroom Geometric + Floral

I'm going to break it down for you into my favorite/most labor intensive aspects of the room.
Some of these I've already blogged about- and I will link back to.
Others are still on the blog waiting list. I will update this post with fresh links as I write them!

Mkay.  Number 1.  
Paint Color.
I rrreeeaallly fell in love with Martha Stewart's super neutral gray Cobblestone.  So gorgeous. 
Also $45/gallon.
So the precious paint mixing man at Home Depot color-matched the sample for me in the Behr "flat" gallon, and it cut my paint costs in half!  
($23/gallon!  I used 2 gallons on our normal-sized master bedroom.)

Shelves instead of a NightStand. 
And it gets better... it's an:

Paint Ikea Shelves

Here's what the Ikea Vittsjo Shelving Unit looks like before you glam it up:

Come on Sweden!  That is so Y2K!
After a few coats of Krylon Gold Foil Spray Paint (side note: BEST.SPRAYPAINT.EVER)-
That's a verse from Coldplay's "Yellow" up top there- our First Dance :)
Also- see that cool chevron/arrows vase-looking thing? LAMP.  Love it.

Dude.  Sorry about all the cords.  I don't even see them in person- but now staring at the picture I'm completely embarrassed!  Oh well, whatever.  It's real life.

Obsessed.  One of my favorite things in the room.  I love having so much shelving space, while simultaneously avoiding a bulky side table.

Remember THIS POST on How To Lengthen Curtains (without sewing!)??  
Here they are. (Also Ikea.  I actually cut them in half and hemmed them to stretch my dollar even further.  Because why waste fabric blocking out sunlight to theoretically "sleep in" since children wake us up before sunrise anyway?)
I also added those gold arrows.  I used my Silhouette Cameo and Gold Heat Transfer Vinyl.  
If you don't have a die-cut machine, you could still TOTALLY fancy up your cheap ole white drapes using the vinyl!  You could cut it into strips to make stripes, you could cut triangles (hint hint: look at my duvet!), you could give your children scissors and tell them to go to town.

My "I love you to pieces" wall art.
The idea was seriously bad-a$$ in my brain, but it kind of fell flat in real life.
I mean, it's fine.  It's abstract and different.  And cheap- those are $5 11x14 frames from Hobby Lobby spray painted gold, with a $2 matte surrounding the homemade art.
But I just wish I had cuter handwriting.  :)
Get it- "Love you to pieces" and the hearts are in pieces...

OMG.  My framed TV atop an updated (you guessed it) Ikea Hemnes dresser.
All I touched on the Hemnes dresser were the knobs.  
They went from a slate-gray to a shiny gold.

The frame around the TV was on sale for $25 from HobLob!  
It was black.  Now it's gold.  :)
Framed TV

I also really love the simple dresser accessories.
Try to keep it neutral and easy on the eye (also because you know this sucker will be cluttered with kid DVDs and receipts in about 2 days); but throw in some texture, color, and greenery, too.
I'll include the low-down on each item in the picture captions- in case you're interested.
Flower arrangement: flowers 50% off at HobLob, vase $1 from Goodwill (spray painted white)Large apothecary jar: Dollar Store.Circle scalloped frame: $4, Home GoodsSmall Gold chevron container: Target Clearance ($3?)Silver platter: really ugly 80s glass Christmas plate; spray painted Rustoleum Metallic silver.
Gold lamp base: Target clearance, $35
Here is a tutorial for Recovering a Lamp Shade without sewing!
Gravy boat: Goodwill, $1. I left as is- it is bone china with a gold accent on the lip!
White vase:
Clear fish bowl: Wal Mart ($4), greenery 50%off at HobLob
Close up of my terrarium-ish bowl.  I am OBSESSED with this gold spikey piece from HobbyLobby!
50% off of course; $12.
Pop of Awesome Duvet Cover
I bought this white duvet + 2 pillow shams for $30 on Amazon - you want to be sure you get something smooth (no stitched designs or patterns) so you can do something to it.
Enter more heat transfer vinyl + Silhouette Cameo.
I took pictures of my process but haven't posted a tutorial yet.
Master Bedroom Geometric + Floral

Master Bedroom Geometric + Floral
You could SO do this without the die-cut machine.
And it really takes the room up a notch, I think!

Pssst.  Wanna know something AMAZING!?  I got the upholstered headboard from Target online for $198.
Cha-ching!  It wasn't fitting on our original bed quite right, so my husband simply rigged it into a wall-mount.  Which is actually TOTALLY AWESOME.

Gold Frame Instagram Gallery Wall
And did I mention $1 Gold Frame Gallery Wall!? 
For more details, check out how where I snagged the frames and mattes and how to hang them. 
Gold Frame Instagram Gallery Wall

I'm so glad you stopped by to check out my Master Bedroom Reveal!  Follow me on Pinterest to find my inspirations for this room, as well as other decorative goodies I find for future revamps!


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April 29, 2014

How To Throw The Perfect Party

Gender Neutral Baby Shower- Zoo Animals

My sister-in-law is pregnant with her first baby- and I am ssssoooooo excited to be an auntie!!!!!  
I had a small baby shower for her at our house this weekend.
Her nursery is gender neutral, baby animal themed. 
Have you seen THESE Baby Animal portraits from Restoration Hardware?
Restoration Hardware Baby Animals
That's what her entire nursery is designed around... with a specific concentration on baby giraffes. 
With their adorable wobbly legs and mile-long eyelashes.  
So OBVIOUSLY a baby-animal-gone-a-little-overboard-with-giraffes-themed baby shower was in order.

I LOVE throwing simple yet AWESOME parties.
It's my thing.
I totally feel judged if I go overboard on a party.  No one wants to be THAT mom that feeds her kids lunchables every meal for 3 days straight preparing for a party.  (Done it)

I also feel totally inadequate if I take the less-is-more approach.
You mean she didn't slice strawberries into minuscule lifelike rosebuds!?!?!? LAME.

So I think I've come to a happy medium- the visual aesthetic is nice, the food is yummy and occasionally coordinated (never labeled), the party favors are something people could actually use, and the atmosphere is still relaxed enough for people to have a really great time.
And maybe even get drunk.

Here's my formula for a relaxed yet awesome party:
Always make a banner.
I have a Silhouette Cameo that I LOVE and use the heck out of.
But I've made plenty-a-banner by hand cutting the flags and letters myself.
Super easy!  And a pop of awesome.
Animal Print Welcome Banner
I can feel you judging my lack of window treatments.
Please, just focus on the banner!

Pick one other statement piece of decor.  
Tissue poms are always nice- and either cheap to buy or easy to make.
These lanterns were SUPER cheap on Amazon- and matched her nursery decor so she could take them home and actually use them :)

Have some sort of keepsake for guests to sign for the honoree.
I've always printed a picture and had guests sign a large mat-
but this time I did something way more AWESOME.
Look at that giraffe canvas!

I also copied my best friend by having guests self-address envelopes for the mommy-to-be.
(See THIS shower my friend Kate blogged about that we threw together!)
Now all she needs to do is write a generic thank you and then send it into the postal abyss- no addressing!  Which is TOTALLY the worst part.
Gender Neutral Baby Shower- Zoo Animals

Can we backtrack and discuss that ADORABLE giraffe singable canvas from Canvas Kudos!?
I have good news. Very good news.
You can win one JUST for being cool enough to read this post!
(Enter at the bottom of this page- winner chooses ANY canvas from their website!)
Canvas Kudos Signable Canvas Keepsake GIVEAWAY

Have some sort of centerpiece or statement.
At birthday parties it's usually pictures of the birthday kid, or a piƱata, or something silly.
At baby showers I do diaper cakes.
Sophie Giraffe Zoo Animal Diaper Cake
Need a Diaper Cake tutorial?  Check out this Hungry Caterpillar one I made recently!

Have ONE organized activity.
Photobooths are ALWAYS a hit!
For baby showers I love  this "Scrapbook Bar"- the guests enjoy it (it's arts and crafts!)- and the mommy gets to look over everyone's scrapbook page and get all wistful and hopeful and optimistic... and all that random crap first time moms feel.
(Hello again, Silhouette Cameo!)
Baby Shower Activities

Baby Shower Activities

Baby Shower Activies

Baby Shower Activities

OK so I lied- 2 organized activities.
I'm sorry, but I DESPISE baby shower games.
But I felt weird not doing anything- so I made this "Baby Shower BINGO" for guests to play along as they wished while Kendra opened gifts.  Winners got homemade soaps that my kids and I made the morning of. :)
Click HERE for free printable Baby Shower BINGO cards!
This was super fun, and totally not cheesy!
Make sure you have something for them to block off boxes with- like baby footprint stickers.
Baby Shower Activities Free Printable

Keep food yummy, and friendly for all guests.
And also cheap and easy for you.
I saw my friend Kate do these "Fruit Kabobs" at a shower we threw together last month and HAD to "take a stab at" them!
(See what I did there)
Fruit Kabobs

Mmmm... pinwheels.  Tortillas + cream cheese + red pepper jelly + turkey.
Pinwheel Recipe

My mother in law bought the cake- how adorable!!!!
Gender Neutral Zoo Animal Baby Shower

Keep party favors simple, usable, and cheap- with a cute message on cute paper.
You know most people totally throw those away the first trash can they see once out of sight from your house, right!?
My kids and I made this delicious smelling almond-vanilla soap, and wrote a little note saying "It's Not A Shower Without Soap".  The animal mold I'd purchased didn't arrive in time, so we just made them in a silicone mini-cake mold I had and they were rectangles instead of elephants.  

What do you think!?  What's your MUST-HAVE at a party?

Y'all... have you SEEN Canvas Kudos' stuff???
It's definitely not baby-shower specific.
Bachelorette parties, graduations, birthday parties.. you name it, they have something.

I almost hid the marker so people wouldn't be able to deface it with their signatures this canvas was so adorable!!!  But I'm glad I followed the plan- because it turned out AMAZING; and now my sister-in-law has a beautiful, meaningful keepsake to hang in the baby's nursery-
as an everyday reminder how loved they are!

Enter below by commenting on this post.  Which canvas would you choose!?!
And what party do you have coming up where you could use one!?
You can also earn extra entries for tweeting this post and following me on twitter at @hashtagaliciad.

Thank you guys- good luck!  The winner will be announced and contacted on May 8!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received this canvas for free from Canvas Kudos for a review.  My review: AWESOME.    Will purchase again for full price, for sure. Any and all opinions are my own, and all other supplies and products were purchased by me.

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April 21, 2014

Dollar Store Instagram Gallery Wall

Dollar Store Gold Frame Instagram Gallery Wall

Sorry I've been an absentee mom-blogger lately!! Life just seems to happen sometimes. And before you know it, two weeks have flown past your face like a drop of bird poop in a jeep!!! Whew...

I just wanted to hop on and share a few pictures of my Instagram Gallery Wall in our updated master bedroom (which is just about done, except I can't get a handle on the laundry-sitch to take pictures!!) 

I knew I wanted LOTS of silly pictures I don't have a place for in the rest of my house. And I also knew I wanted gold frames. Lots of them. 

I bought the 5x7 gold frames at the dollar store, and the mattes at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each! I love this small wall- it's full of some of my favorite captured memories, and I get to open my eyes and see it every day! My kids make me smile. :) 

Lemme share with you how I hung this sucker. First of all, I'm not totally anal when it comes to hanging frames. Eyeballing is my thing. But I knew this had to be taken a little more seriously. We are talking about 5 rows and 4 columns here- that need to be relatively... Perfect (shudder). 

Lay them out. Either with your eyeballs or a ruler, space them evenly so they look nice and straight and even and symmetrical and other annoying words.

With painters tape on the back, mark where the hanger is. These are dollar frames remember- so not all of their little-hanging-hooks were exactly alike. This made it nice and easy to get each frame in the right location, despite their poor construction :)

Side note: You can also rip the flap on the back for propping up completely off- I did. They literally pop right off. Again- dollar store frames. :)

Place your tape on the wall- make sure it's level!

Once the tape is all adhered and in the right spot, hammer nails into each marked spot. Just hammer it through the tape and into the wall. The tape comes off easily afterwards.

Then hang your pictures, trying to keep your children from hearing you cursing while they snuggle in your bed behind you watching Lion King. 
"Mother Fu...I mean.... Mufasa!"

Have you made a modern gallery wall lately?? Was it GOLD?? Was it silly!?! Because those are my favorites :)